StreetArt Workshop

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In conjunction with StreetArtist @CTOArt Miami Hotel Melbourne will be offering a range of StreetArt Workshops.

  • Over 3 hours you will learn about the Melbourne StreetArt Culture and some of it's history.
  • You will then design and cut out your own Stencil
  • Artist CTO will demonstrate how to use a SprayCan and the different Caps for different effects
  • You will then practice your own skills
  • Finally you will use your Stencil to make your own mark in the Wynwood District of Miami Hotel Carpark

Our next Workshop is Saturday 8th September 2018 - 11am until 2pm @MiamiHotelMelbourne

Discounted DIRECT Tickets $55 per person

Bookings can be made by calling reception on 03 9321 2444 or FreeCall 1800 132 333

Email Kelly on if you have any questions

Photo Credit - @slocummatthew



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