• ACDC Lane

    ACDC Lane, Melbourne .

    ACDC lane is of course named after Melbourne's world famous by-gone rock heroes: ACDC.

    The lane contains the infamous-like-them party venue Cherry Bar and  is one of the longest standing art-filled lanes in Melbourne once having a full wall mural by Everfresh where Pastuso is now and a ground-level Invader mosaic. 

    You will find street art by Fintan Magee, John Murray, n2o, LushSux, Drasko, Vandalism Ink, Makatron, Heesco, Hayden Dewar, Tinky, Steen Jones, Crisp, Tweet and heaps more. 

    At the end of the lane is Pastuso Peruvian restaurant Cevicheria, Pisco and Grill.

    Keep walking into Duckboard place to glimpse one of the few remaining Banksys in Melbourne..

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  • Queen Victoria Market

    Queen Street and Victoria Street, Melbourne .

    The Queen Victoria Market is a major landmark in Melbourne, with around 7 hectares, it one of the largest open air markets in the Southern Hemisphere.

  • The District Docklands Street Art and more

    440 Docklands Drive, Docklands .

    The District Dockland (formerly Harbourtown) is a miniature world within itself. 

    With a multitude (and maze-like) plethora of shops and brand outlets, A carnival (including giant ferris wheel), many restaurants and much street art - you could be here for a while!

    Artists to be found around this quite expansive area include: Julia Both, James Wilson, Maha, Abyss_607, Be Free, MueBon, Frosk, RusKidd, Lucy Lucy,  Chehehe, and if you look hard a couple of old TwoOnes from 2013 (these two are not exactly in the same area!)

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  • Marvel Stadium

    740 Bourke Street, Docklands VIC 3008 .

    Marvel Stadium is around a 15min walk from Miami Hotel Melbourne and is home to Football, Cricket and many events throughout the year. See what's coming up here

    This area is very beautiful - make sure you look out across the bay at night!

  • MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground)

    Brunton Avenue, Melbourne .

    The MCG is an iconic ground for sporting and other events in Melbourne.

    See what's coming up here

  • NGV (National Gallery of Victoria)

    180 St Kilda Road, Melbourne .

    NGV offers a world of art and so much more!

    The After Dark series and seasonal exhibitions are sure to have something for everyone.

    Check out what's on here

  • Melbourne Zoo

    Elliott Ave, Parkville VIC 3052 .

    Visit today to see a range of Australian animals and so much more!

    Situated in beautiful Parkville ensure you allocate a day to see everything the Melbourne Zoo has to offer

    Getting to Melbourne Zoo by public transport is easy!

    We encourage all our visitors to catch public transport and help the environment by reducing air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. It also saves time finding and paying for parking.

    By Tram
    Tram 58 "West Coburg to Toorak" runs from William Street in the city centre every day, stopping directly outside Melbourne Zoo.

    By Train
    Trains run from Flinders Street Station on the Upfield line every day, stopping at Melbourne Zoo’s own Royal Park Station.

    By Bus
    Bus route 505 from Moonee Ponds to Melbourne University stops outside Melbourne Zoo.

    Timetable information

    Please visit for up-to-date tram, train and bus times. (Tip:  Use their Journey Planner for public transport directions from anywhere in Victoria. Enter your starting address in the “From” box and enter “Melbourne Zoo” as a landmark in the “To” box).

    Travelling from Regional Victoria

    V/Line trains run from Geelong and Warrnambool, Ballarat, Maryborough and Ararat, Bendigo, Swan Hill and Echuca, Seymour, Shepparton and Albury, as well as Traralgon, Sale and Bairnsdale

    The V/Line Family Traveller ticket allows each adult to take up to two children aged between four and 16 at no extra cost during off-peak times, including weekends. And, at Melbourne Zoo, admission is free for children under 16 years every weekend!

  • Hosier Lane Street Art

    Hosier Lane, Melbourne VIC, Australia .

    The most famous lane in Melbourne, the number one tourist attraction for many years now "Hosier Lane". 

    The walls are painted daily with poetry, paste-ups, street art, graffiti, sculptures, found object art, throwies, tags, pieces, murals and collaborations.

    With art from Adnate, ToBe, Sotep, Jay Boy, Jack Lack, AkidOne, BombG, Philb, Kasper, Byst and so many more.

    Make sure you look up high and down low in this lane, the art is literally everywhere.  

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  • Degraves Street Art

    Degraves Street, Melbourne VIC, Australia .

    Degraves Street might be the first street art you see in Melbourne if you arrive in the city via train. 

    Right opposite Flinders Street Station this iconic cafe precinct contains art by Illerwon, Dose, Kambeeno, Dolus, Sunfigo, Vexta, Crisp, Byst and the super mysterious black and white stencil artist "King of the Clowder" (the cat in the left of the photo.)

    Cafes to try include Yuzu, Il Tempo 2, Andiamo, Degraves Espresso Bar, Mock Turtle, RMB, The Quarter; there's also Little Cupcakes, Waffle On and even a Grill'd.

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  • Lovelands Street Art

    432 Queen Street, Melbourne VIC, Australia .

    This nameless alley once had a few small pieces of art, tags, pasteups etc until sometime around 2014 when it was dubbed "Lovelands" by Doyle and the Blender crew.

    It has since seen many "paint ups" and random street art and graffiti sessions, now full of murals, pieces, pasteups, installation art, stickers, tags, street art, graffiti...

    Look high (the murals and collabs reach skyward), also be sure to scour the 'nooks and crannies' for miniature worlds created by Tinky.

    Artists here include: Itch, Heesco, Rus Kidd, James Wilson, Caper, Rad, Lifetime Stickyfingers, Calm, Seaps, Tnky, Joshua Smith, Cruel (Cezary Stulgis), Rashe, Da Imagemaker and many many more.

    Located right opposite another Miami Hotel attractions favourite - the Queen Victoria Market.

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  • Croft Alley Street Art

    Croft Alley, Melbourne VIC, Australia .

    Off Paynes Place off Little Bourke St, Croft Alley is regularly repainted having organised events and random crew/individual graffti/street art sessions.

    Art here is by Frosk, Kenz, Rus Kidd, Olmec, Kaptain Kris, Kasper, Mishap, Facter, Keo Match, Gigi, Tinky, Barek, Jaw DMV, Mio, Junky Projects, Abyss 607, Joshua Smith and more. (Look up high for the laughing mio ghost as you leave the alley!)

    Croft Alley is also home to The Croft Institute a great place for food, drink and dance.

    Make sure you check the opposite side of Little Bourke Street from Croft Alley in Corrs Lane for the spectacular shimmering epic by Resio.

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  • Blender Studios / Melbourne Street Art Tours

    33-35 Dudley Street, West Melbourne VIC, Australia .

    This is the new 2019 home of the infamous 'Blender Studios' started back in the early 2000's by Adrian Doyle in 'Blender Lane' (See other attractions - the art is still there) off Franklin St in the city. They then moved to the Docklands (2016-2019) and now West Melbourne very close to The Miami Hotel!

    The studio is also home to "Melbourne Street Art Tours' with super knowledgeable street artist tour guides like Rus Kidd, Junky Projects and Barek, taking you through the city street art highlights on a 3 hour adventure from Fed Square ending up with a tour of their studio.

    Blender Studios is currently home to street artists like: n2o, Tinky, Barek, Junky Projects, Rus Kidd, Kasper, Caper, Luke Rion, Calm, Sarah Randall, ManOfDarkness, Manda Jean, Maha, Gigi Gordes and of course Doyle himself. 

    There is also art by visitors like Viki Murray, John Murray and Borrris.

    A good place to start your missions (or after visiting Errol Street) as the alley is full of art - and you might meet the artists!


  • Upper West Side Street Art Precinct

    696 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne VIC, Australia .

    The Upper West Side Street Art Precinct began in June 2016 with Smug painting his grandparents into a giant photo-realistic visual metaphor mural on Lonsdale Street for Citi Power. 

    Curated by Juddy Roller gallery the project was furthered in December 2017 with the addition of Sofles Big blue lady to Spencer St and Smug, Rone, Adnate, Dvate and Fintan Magee just around the corner on little Bourke St.

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  • Blender Lane Street Art

    108 Franklin Street, Melbourne VIC, Australia .

    The first home to "Blender Studios' has been dubbed Blender Lane - even though it has no official name.

    The studio is no longer there but the lane is still full of art containing works by Jover, GT, HAHA, Sten And Oli, Barek, Junky Projects, Adnate, Rus Kidd, Caper, MueBon and many more.

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  • Flinders Court Street Art

    Flinders Court Street Art, Flinders Court, Melbourne VIC, Australia .

    A lesser known and walked alley, Flinders Court is full of art and definitely worth checking out. 

    On the Flinders Street Station side you'll find the los1's transformer and at the other end some of MueBon's 'PukRuks'.

    In between there's art by Putos, Silk, Sieg, Kelr, Sorie, Kulas, Rus Kidd, Jack Douglas, Chuck Mayfield, Goodie and more. 

    You're very close now to Centre Place/ Degraves St and not very far from the most famous of all: Hosier Lane.

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  • Errol St Street Art

    11 Errol Street, North Melbourne VIC, Australia .

    A nearby neighborhood of street art - be sure to check ... Errol Place, Raglan St, the alley beside The Town Hall hotel, Strang Lane, 

    If you like spotting banana peels there are a few around here in the alleys either side of Errol St. 

    Artists to spot include Baby Guerrilla, Kaffeine, TuYuLoveMe, Cam Scale, Drew Funk, Banana Peel, Chamb...

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  • Little Bourke St Street Art

    353 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne VIC, Australia .

    Between Elizabeth St and Queen St make sure you check every alley off Little Bourke St.

    The alleys here are full of smaller works, mostly paste ups, some sculptures, some installation art, some spray paint. 

    One of these alleys contains a miniature by Tinky.

    Artists to be found include: Abyss_607, Celout, DRA, Byst, Manda Jean, Fezwitch, Akemi Ito, Deb, Phibs, 'King of the Clowder', To Be (Two Be, 2B), ManOfDarkness, Aki Yaguchi, Noah, Sunfigo and...

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  • Union Lane Street Art

    Union Lane, Melbourne VIC, Australia .

    Initiated in the mid 2000's Union Lane was one of the first legal street art lanes in Melbourne allowing like Hosier Lane pretty much 'anything Goes'. 

    This lane allows anyone to paint, to learn, to tag, to graffiti, to stencil; and while it is quite messy for most of its length there have been many gems painted here by artists like Jack Lack, Frosk, James WIlson, Abyss_607, Lucy Lucy, Mr Moh, Duke, Sleek, Jist, Ama, Kam_bot, Silly, Shaq, Nails, Trebl, The Artful Yogi (Brad Loafer), Lout, Goodie, BMD, Nev Sety, Philb, LaLa, Shida, Sean Duffell, Crisp, even Berlins Herakut!

    There are also some well painted Junky Projects found object art characters lurking in the lane.

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  • Drewery Lane Street Art

    Drewery Lane, Melbourne VIC, Australia .

    Drewery Lane including Sniders Lane, Drewery Place and Drewery Alley is home to more street art, stencils, pasteups and some larger murals.

    The art here is by artists like Sten And Oli, Tweet, Celout, Camo, King of the Clowder, To Be, Sunfigo, Astral_Nadir, n2o, Lush Sux, Sear, Putos, ManOfDarkness, Baby Guerrilla, Sieg, Silk... 

    There is even a cheeky Invader mosaic watching you from up high...!

  • Mornane Place Street Art

    Mornane Place, Melbourne VIC, Australia .

    Not too much in this very small 'Place' - some nice murals though by Makatron, Steph Ives and Welin.

    Plenty of space left in the end of the alley though. Im sure it will fill up ;)

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  • Baptist Place

    Baptist Place, Melbourne VIC, Australia .

    This is a newer street art alley even though it contains art (graffiti murals) from 10-15 years ago.

    Mostly smaller stuff in this laneway - stencils and pasteups - with pieces by Akemi Ito, Manda Jean, King of the Clowder, Kambeeno, Sten and Oli, Tweet, Banana Peel, CDH and more...

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  • Centre Place Street Art

    Centre Place, Melbourne VIC, Australia .

    Centre Place is across the road from Degraves Street and a usual place to continue your journey from Filders Street (station) into the centre of the city.

    There are heaps of cafes here and art by Gent, Straker (Murailst), BMD, Philb, Lush, Rus Kidd, Byst, Joshua Smith, ToBe and more.

    Cafes to check incude Centro espresso, The Little Den Shan Dong, Mama Mini, Issus, Euro Lane Cafe, Cafe Vicolino, Eliana Lulu and dont forget to venture upstairs to Hells Kitchen for a red wine and some end of day gossip.

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  • Section 8 Street Art

    27-29 Tattersalls Lane, Melbourne VIC, Australia .

    section 8 is a very cool little venue in the middle of melbourne which omes alive in the afternoons and then parties every night with free acts and DJs.

    In this little quadrangle of lanes in the city centre you'll also find the 'FerdyDurke' and street art by Shida, Adnate, Putos, Kulas, Noah, Aki Yaguchi, Calm, n2o, Tinky, Rus Kidd, Abyss_607, King of the Clowder, BYST, ToBe, Mio, Tweet, Sten and Oli, HaHa, Junky Projects, Kasper and many many more.

    Make sure you look everywhere high and low in the lanes behind section 8 (stevensons Lane) as there is art on nearly every visible space...

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  • Liverpool St Street Art

    Liverpool Street, Melbourne VIC, Australia .

    Apart from being home to the delicious wood fired Pizza oven restaurant SPQR, Liverpool Street has many regular street art visitors. Unfortunately this is one of those streets that has some but not all of the art buffed semi regularly. You;ll find art  by Frosk, Phoenix, King of the Clowder, Lister, ToBe, Mio, Sunfigo in the street and while your waiting for your pizza - check the incredible amount of street art in SPQR itself!

    Street art here is from Makatron, Mr Dimples, Choq, Putos, Abyss_607, Jist, Deb Dnart, Tom Gerrard, Barek, Phoenix, Darren Henderson, Rus Kidd, Conrad Bizjak, 23rd Key, Crisp, Ears, Unwell Bunny, and more. 

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  • Duckboard Place Street Art

    Duckboard Place, Melbourne VIC, Australia .

    Once you are in ACDC lane - walk to the bottom of it - explore around to your right (see n2o, V1nk, LushSux, Tweet etc) then go to your left.

    ACDC lane turns into Duckboard Place with heaps more art by n2o, ToBe, Phoenix, Barek, Rus Kidd, Robyn Grove, Sugar, John Murray, Abyss_607, Meandr, Jack Lack, Drasko, Mr Dimples, Crisp, James Wilson... theres even one of the last remaining Banksys in Melbourne to be fund in a doorway at the end of the 'Place'

    Also make sure you check you check out 'Tonka' a modern Indian restaurant.

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